Bio Organic Fertilizer

Our bio organic fertilizers promote growth and soil health. They increase the availability/supply of primary nutrients to plants. The fertilizers contain different kinds of organic matter & useful microorganisms. They are very effective and organic in nature.

Bio Organic Pesticides

Bio Organic Pesticides are derived from natural materials like plants & certain minerals. They offer various benefits in organic farming, such as increased crop productivity and high quality food. These pesticides also help to conserve the environment.

Organic Seed Treatment

Organic Seed Treatment is great for adopting organic way. It improves germination potential as well as resistance to pests & disease. The seed treatment offers better seed performance. It is perfect for various crops and organic farmers.

Organic Plant Booster

Our organic plant booster is a unique combination of natural inputs. It is a perfect plant food, and ideal for organic farming. It prevents from plant diseases and helps in better growth. This product is especially developed for organic farming.

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