We are from Krishiv Organics. We are selling Organic Fertilizers and dealing in agriculture Drone.

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About Us 

At Krishiv Organics, we have been working to give 100% natural and organic agricultural solutions. We keep up with both traditional and modern technology to offer Organic Fertilizers, Pesticides, Plant Booster etc. All our products are thoroughly researched and developed on the basis of proven methods - CHARAK SAMHITA" & "ARYA BHISHAK". Our offered organic farming solutions can resolve any issues. They ensure good results on all Crops.

We manufacture the Natural & Organic Fertilizers by using different extracts of Herbs, Trees & naturally accessible Minerals. With an outstanding production capacity, we have a good presence in multiple Indian states. We keep up with various aspects like Production, Quality, Cost of Farming, and Enhanced Land Fertility. We have trained & guided 1000s of Farmers on Organic Farming with excellent results. The use of responsible inputs in the agriculture brings positive outcomes. Further, natural agribusiness is well supported by Government, Cooperative, Companies, and NGO. 

Why Organic

Our organic agricultural solutions is a strategy for farming system which is required for developing the land and bringing crops in such a way that, it keeps the soil alive and healthy by using natural and other organic materials. It release nutrients to crop for increased sustainable production in an eco friendly pollution free environment.

Our Vision

Our aim is to improve & transform the Indian agricultural systems. We engage & develop partnerships with organic farmers and food systems. Today, we work to fill the knowledge gap about the environmental & health benefits of organic farming. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide organic agricultural solutions for the benefit of farmers & environment. Our products are developed for the better growth of crops as well as improved soil fertility.    

Our Progress

In a short period of time we have gained the trust of numerous customers. They are impressed by the quality of our range such as Organic Fertilizers, Bio Organic Fertilizer. Even after associating with us, they have observed that we are an expert and provide them solutions which are second to none. Clients praise our products for these are effective and worthy of the money they spent. This has even worked for the reputation of our company as today people consider us as the most reliable source to obtain high quality products. We are progressing on the right path and soon we will emerge as a great contender in the domain by setting new standards of quality.

Why Us

Our Mission is to stop the extra usage of chemical fertilizers and adapt to organic farming, in fact making a healthier life. With our Expertise personals we train & guide farmers from ground level on certification, organic farming and market linkage.

Farmer Requirements

Requirements of Farmers on this Earth:

  • How to Increase Quantity of Production ?
  • How to Decrease Cost of Farming ?
  • How to Increase Quality of Product ?
  • How to Increase Fertility of Land ?

Once in all every farmers are willing to have maximum yield by giving best hygienic & healthy food to the society. But can we satisfy today THE ANSWER IS BIG NO

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